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1. My furnace chimney looks fine on the outside...
2. Chimney problems can cause illness...
3. Fireplace and chimney construction
4. Pre-fabricated
5. Chimney Caps
6. What's it like to have a chimney fire?
7. How often should a chimney be cleaned?
8. What to do in case of a chimney fire.
9. Dryer Vent
• If yours is a metal firebox you can plan on replacing it in 5-10 years. You won't see the rust until the damage is done as it starts from the back and eats through to the front. By the time you see the rust, it's time to replace the firebox, and that will cost you a fortune.
• If you have a wood stove insert in your fireplace, the rain will cause it to rust rapidly. Heat greatly increases the rate of oxidation (rusting). The continuous operation of the stove mixed with the water will cause this process to take place much faster than normal.
• A Cap Keeps Out The Birds, Squirrels, And Other Vermin
• A Cap Prevents Roof Fires
• A Cap Inhibits Downdrafting
• A Cap Keeps Out Leaves
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