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1. My furnace chimney looks fine on the outside...
2. Chimney problems can cause illness...
3. Fireplace and chimney construction
4. Pre-fabricated
5. Chimney Caps
6. What's it like to have a chimney fire?
7. How often should a chimney be cleaned?
8. What to do in case of a chimney fire.
9. Dryer Vent

5. After the firemen leave call a chimney sweep and get your chimney cleaned. Chances are the firemen will condemn the chimney until you do. One of the most dangerous myths I know is that a chimney fire will leave the chimney clean. The truth is that the fire will compound the problem by causing the creosote present to expand and honeycomb, preparing a better surface for more to collect on and one much more likely to ignite again with much less provocation.
6. Sit down and write your own version of what it's like to have a chimney fire.

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